Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Update: M/M BDSM Collection and Curves ahead!

It's been much too long and I regret my silence, which has been due to a variety of family and personal reasons. However, with all that (hopefully) behind me now, I do have plans for this summer, that I wanted to share here. No, it's not a steamy vacation getaway with my husband (I wish), but might just be the next best thing.

First, and foremost, I'm thrilled that my M/M erotic romance story, Cowboy's Rough Ride: Knee Deep in Iron Creek, is featured in the anthology, For His Pleasure: Ten More Tales of Serving Him. This collection is value priced at 0.99 for a limited time. Get it while it's hot!

Second, I'm excited to report that I'm currently working on the third Curves book, which will continue the story of Jasmine, Evan, and Luke, in their unconventional threeway relationship. It's been slow going, and due to circumstances outside my control, I don't have as much done as I'd like at this point, but it's moving forward. This book will likely be longer than Secrets & Curves when it's finished and it should answer all of your burning questions:
  • What does Jasmine think of her new job?
  • Will she finally "come out" to her friends about this relationship?
  • How will Luke balance his feelings for both Evan and Jasmine?
  • Will Evan reconcile with his sister?
  • What happened with Evan's nephew?
  • What does a corgi with a blue ear have to do with this? (Okay, maybe that one isn't a burning question just yet, but it will be...)
And of course, the biggest question of all... 
  • Will there be a baby in their future?
I'm expecting the book to be done this fall, and you'll just have to read it to see. ;)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Outlaw Temptation: Cowboy's Rough Ride 2

Get it at AMAZON

NEW RELEASE!  Limited time sale; get both Knee Deep in Iron Creek (CRR 1) and Outlaw Temptation (CRR 2) for $0.99 each.

Hotshot young gunslinger Jesse Adams is in a world of trouble. Conned into becoming sheriff of a corrupt western town, he finds himself distrusted by the townspeople and without a friend in the world. Worse yet, he's haunted by disturbing dreams, strange feelings, and the suspicion that he can't even trust himself. 

Now he's been given the task of hunting down notorious outlaw Clayton Murrietta and bringing him to justice. But Jesse has a history with Clay... a complicated history of shame and anger, pain and desire, that Jesse has no intention of facing. The closer he gets to his quarry, though, the harder it is to resist him. Will Jesse give in to temptation with the mysterious outlaw? 

This 30k word m/m romance novella is a stand-alone sequel to Cowboy's Rough Ride: Knee Deep in Iron Creek. 

Catalog Cleanup

You may or may not have noticed that my catalog has recently shrunk.  Do not be alarmed.  I've gone through and done some spring cleaning (in the middle of winter no less).

The reason for this is that some of my earlier works were getting long in the tooth and I removed the individual shorts for these titles.  Truthfully, I would be happy removing a few of these works completely. However, there are some readers who still enjoy these rough and cheesy erotic romps and in an effort to keep these titles available, I have simply lowered the price points for the bundles and sets. 

Erotic Demon Hunter bundle (now $4.99)
Red Wolf Collection (now $4.99)
Pirate Debauchery set (now $2.99)
Cowgirl's Rough Ride bundle (now $2.99)
Gay Paranormal Domination set (now $0.99)
Frat Boy's Gay Sex bundle  (now $0.99)

I have several projects in the works and the third Curves book happens to be one of them.  I've already written the first few chapters and I have to say, I think this one will be an enjoyable rollercoaster of a read.  I will keep you posted on when it is complete.

Thank you to all my readers and fans.  I truly hope you have a wonderful, fantasy filled new year!

J. Reyer