Sunday, September 15, 2013

Secrets & Curves

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One woman, two men. Too many secrets. Is this steamy threeway relationship too hot to handle?

For shy and curvy Jasmine Taylor, nothing ever comes easy. Her career is on a losing streak and her relationship track record is even worse. So when she's swept off her feet into a seductive whirlwind of dating two men together, it's as if her deepest fantasies have come to life.

Now with two gorgeous men in her life--enigmatic billionaire CEO, Evan Westmore; and his charming, mischievous longtime lover, Luke Rosso--Jasmine finds that the sex might be the least of her worries. Both men have deep secrets, and Jasmine with her lush beauty and her own insecurities, might be the only one who can face them head on.


  1. Please write another book to the series. I wanna see how far they can go, maybe adding a baby to the mix also .. But all in all I looovvveee it .. I really want more

  2. I agree we need more!!!!

  3. Thank you so much! I definitely have plans for a third book... Oh so many plans swirling around in my head. Nothing concrete yet, nothing written down, but it will happen. There are a few other projects taking up my time first, and unfortunately my day job too, but there will be more!

  4. Wow!!! Not my normal kind of reading but looking forward to the 3 rd book, fantastic characters and story line dont make us wait to long please :)

  5. Thank you again! Unfortunately, the holidays are super busy at my work, and I've got to finish a couple projects I started, but I've got big plans for next year for Jasmine, Evan and Luke.

  6. I loved this book it was sexy and also a bery good read,they only thing i missed was an epilogue