Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Captive Wolf: Amber in Darkness #1

Captive Wolf
Amber in Darkness #1
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All Amber wanted was a normal life, but that was never going to happen for her--and changing into a wolf was just the start of her problems. Now she's being held captive by the mysterious Others, bound to serve their depraved needs. Her only comfort lies with her friend and confidant, Austin, a vampire with issues of his own. As if that's not enough trouble, the last thing she needs is for a dark stranger to walk into her life...

Tormented and driven, Scott Blackwood searches for answers to an insurmountable problem--the curse of turning into a werewolf. He doesn't stay in one place long, and he isn't in the habit of trusting anyone, but he can't get the gorgeous, troubled girl out of his head--neither her, nor her enigmatic male companion.

This 18k word novella-length paranormal romance story is part 1 of the Amber in Darkness series. Intended for adult audiences who enjoy hot werewolf/vampire action and steamy mmf menage. 18+ only