Monday, February 11, 2013

Swapping Roles (A Gender Swap Erotic Romance)

Swapping Roles is now live!  

Asher Brant is a cocky leading man with a notorious attitude, and he's not pleased to be starring in a low-budget, B-movie horror flick. He's self-important, difficult to work with, and he treats women with disdain--especially his co-star, Mackenzie. 

But when rumors of a local curse prove to be true, and Asher wakes up in a woman's body, his carefully constructed defenses begin to crumble around him. Will he rediscover his ability to trust, or will the woman who matters most to him slip through his fingers?

Mackenzie Fox might be a B-list actress, but she's a no-nonsense girl who's tired of putting up with Asher's crap--even if he is devastatingly hot. She's unfazed by his celebrity status, because she knows that underneath his smart-ass exterior he's a wounded man who can't help but push her away. But as events on set take a turn for the strange, she finds herself taking desperate measures to help him.

This 20k word erotic romance novella is intended for adult readers who enjoy steamy gender-bending adventures and sizzling Hollywood climaxes! Features an overconfident bad boy getting in touch with his feminine side, a spunky heroine who's determined to save him, awkward sex with a stunt double, a first time lesbian encounter, and a star-studded happily-ever-after!