Sunday, January 27, 2013

Zodiac Gangbang (Monster Sex and Rough Astrology)

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Jennifer's spring vacation is turning out to be miserable, and she especially isn't happy that her best friend conned her into seeing a psychic. What she really wants is a sexy adventure with a hot college guy, not a free palm reading. But the psychic is handsome, charming, and knows just what she needs. Jen is about to discover a new side of herself: one that wants to be taken forcefully and ravished by monsters. Will she find release as the manifestations of the spring zodiac come to claim her, one after another?

Warning: this 12k word erotic short story is intended for adults who enjoy explicit tales of rough sex with monsters. Contains an inexperienced college girl submitting to creatures of legend: Aries, the horned beast-man; Taurus, the minotaur; and Gemini, the matched pair with a single perverted desire.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wolfman Revision and Zodiac Erotic Story

For those who may have missed it, I have taken down the Wolfman series in order to revise it.  Currently, I have completed revisions to Married to the Wolfman (#1) and Threesome with the Wolfman (#2).  There's more back story, expanded detail, and plot holes have been filled. (Added 1600 words to Married and 3300 words to Threesome, about 50% more to each)  Swinging with the Wolfman (#3) and Unleashing the Wolfman (#4) will need more work in order to realign the overall plot (and tie it back to what I have added in Married).

Again, I appreciate that you, my fans, let me know about the problems in this story.  And when I am done, I will release the entire series as a single book, at a reduced price.  I might even have a sale for the first few weeks.  It will be posted here if I do.

I am also well into my next short story, which will have a Zodiac theme.  The holidays were hectic and I had house guests which put me behind schedule.  But I am now back on track and will have this story done as soon as possible.

Thank you for all your helpful feedback and support!