Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Party!

First, I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!

Now here we are, the day after, and I don't know about you, but I'd rather be curled up with a steamy read than braving the crowds at the mall. So I've got one solution that I hope brings a bit of fun amid all the Black Friday madness. Below are a great list of novels and novellas that are just $0.99 each, for Black Friday only. Actually, to be entirely truthful, I'm leaving my book, Alice's Steamy Wonderland at $0.99 for the weekend, but regardless, these deals will be gone super quick. Many of these books have never been discounted before and some are brand new. I hope you find something that strikes your fancy in this great list. I know I will.

And while I've got your attention...

Let me just mention one more thing. You're invited to the Cyber Monday party on the Insatiable Reads Facebook page. I'll be stopping by, and a bunch of my favorite writer friends will be hanging out as well. There will be games and prizes too. Here’s the event on Facebook, if you want to RSVP: And here’s the Insatiable Reads Facebook page where the party will take place:

Black Friday books:

Protecting The Pack by Tabitha Conall – Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All-Romance Ebooks
Evading Nevah by Danielle Duncan
Modern Wicked Fairy Tales by Selena Kitt
Lucky Girl by Emme Rollins
Her Billionaire’s by Julia Kent
Psychic Appeal by Michelle McCleod
Curves For The Lone Alpha by Molly Prince
Dominating by Malia Mallory
The Billionaire’s Wife by Ava Lore
Rocked by Clara Bayard
The Stronger, Safe Kind by London Casey
West For Love by Clarie Charlins
Alice’s Steamy Wonderland by Julianne Reyer
Havana Curves by D.H. Cameron
All Access by Karolyn James
New Adult Romance Boxed Set
Vegas Knights by Marina Maddix
Shifter Romance Boxed Set
Syria’s Seduction by Starla Cole
Little Tease by Amy Valenti
The Warlord’s Concubine by J.E. & M. Keep
Skin Deep by Dez Burke
Hopelessly Broken by Tamryn Ward
Wild Impulse by Lexi Lane
Need Me – Being Trevor’s Toy by Charlotte DeCorte
Burning For Him by Michelle Fox
My Alpha Billionaire by Tawny Taylor
Naughty (Box Set) by Kami Kayne
Rock Star Romance Box Set
Heartstrings by Adriana Hunter
The Alpha’s Touch Box Set

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bundles and more bundles!

First I want to thank everyone for the amazing response to the two multi-author bundles I've had the honor of participating in this year. Both the BBW Romance Boxed Set and Shifter Romance Boxed Set are doing fabulously, and I'm excited to be hearing feedback from readers about my books in these sets.

But my avid reader side is in love with the current crop of low priced bundles too. I honestly can't remember the last time I picked up so much new reading material, so quickly, and at such a low price. Out of the bundles that have hit the virtual shelves recently, these are the ones that are sitting on my Kindle, right now, just begging me to make time to read them:

Move over Netflix, I'm looking forward to some quality time with my Kindle this holiday season!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Plans on the Horizon.

I apologize for not posting more often.  This whole month has a been a whirlwind of events.

I am both honored and humbled to have been included in the BBW Romance Boxed Set. I could not have anticipated how well it would do and, to be honest, I'm still in a state of shock.  Every author in this set is fantastic and unique and I can't say enough good things about each and every one of them.  Thank you for giving me the chance to participate in this and thank you, the readers, for enjoying my story enough to buy the sequel.  My heart sings with every review you write!

To answer the question that has been asked by many fans (I have fans now!), YES there will be a third story and it will be as sexy and mixed up as the first two.  But it is only in the first stages of planning and I cannot guarantee when it will be done.  Truthfully, I had only planned on writing Hunting for Curves as a stand alone and Secrets & Curves was very carefully crafted, taking far longer to finish than I am used to.  I have a feeling the third one will take just as much planning, if not more for it to stand up to the first two.

At this time, I have a few other series that I would like to finish up first, namely, Amber in Darkness and Cowboy's Rough Ride.  Both have been plotted out and partially written so I'll do my best to get these out the door soon.

Anyway, thank you again and please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.  I am always listening even if I don't respond right away and most of all, I take your input seriously.  My deepest desire is for my readers to enjoy my stories and I hope to continue with that.

Take care!


Curves Anthology ranks in the TOP 10 on AMAZON

(10 Book Bundle)
by Marina Maddix (Author), Julianne Reyer (Author), Aubrey Rose (Author),Adriana Hunter (Author), Tawny Taylor (Author), Krista Lakes (Author),Aphrodite Hunt (Author), Ava Catori (Author), Angelina Spears (Author),Christa Wick (Author)

A Top 10 seller in the Amazon store, 99 cents for only a few days longer!

Dangerous curves ahead! This collection of ten scorching hot romances featuring plus-size heroines and the powerful alpha males who crave their lush, curvy bodies is guaranteed to spark a fire deep inside, whether you're looking for a rags-to-riches fairytale, a rough and wild love affair, or a sweet and sexy friends-to-lovers romance. Pamper your inner big girl with this boxed set and feel the heat!

VEGAS KNIGHTS by Marina Maddix, author of the bestselling Laid Bear: Curvy artist Kelly finds herself on the ride of her life to Las Vegas with a real-life 'Knight on shining armor', but is their love strong enough to survive beyond the dazzling lights of Sin City?

HUNTING FOR CURVES by Julianne Reyer, an All Romance best selling author: Shy and curvy Jasmine Taylor is down on her luck when she meets two gorgeous men--billionaire CEO Evan Westmore and his longtime lover, Luke Rosso. She can't resist the invitation to join them for one night of passion, but then both men start falling for her. Will the steamy threesome lead to disaster or is it the start of a new relationship for all three?

BLIND WOLF by Aubrey Rose: A blind werewolf leading a pack of stragglers finally finds his one true mate -- then realizes she's human...

FOR KEEPS by Adriana Hunter, Amazon and B&N Top 100 Bestselling author: Curvy single Valerie Gordon finds herself reluctantly accepting a job transfer where she comes face-to-face with billionaire bad boy Tyler Princeton, son of the senior partner. Tyler isn't used to being turned down and when he sets his sights on Valerie there is little that he won't do to get her into his arms, and into his bed...

MAKE YOU MINE by Tawny Taylor, USA Today Bestselling Author in addition to B&N and Amazon Top 100 Bestselling author: To keep her job, Daryl Laroche must find the perfect new client for her employer--a prestigious matchmaking company--and the sexy, rich and enigmatic Tevin Page fits the bill. But before he signs the contract, he issues one deliciously tempting demand...

CURVES OF THE FRENCH RIVIERA by Krista Lakes, author of the bestselling romance "Saltwater Kisses": Megan can't believe her luck when a billionaire playboy courts her and makes her a part of his life on the south coast of France, despite her flaws.

OPEN YOUR CURVY LEGS FOR ME, a BDSM New Adult erotic romance by Aphrodite Hunt, author of 25 Amazon Top 100 Erotica/New Adult and 12 B&N Top 100 bestselling books. Plus-sized Mariel meets gorgeous, seemingly unattainable Michael in college, and is amazed she can turn his head. Golden boy Michael is ashamed to admit he likes bigger women, especially to his laughing friends. Can the two of them have a relationship?

THE BIG, NOT-SO-SMALL, CURVY GIRLS, BBW ROMANCE, DATING AGENCY by Ava Catori: Becky's life just got complicated. With a laugh-out-loud best friend, an insane cat, and a business to run, Becky Holgate didn't have time for guys like Reed Amwell...until time was running out.

THE POWER BILLIONAIRE by Angelina Spears: Plus-size secretary Merrin Rexford is seduced by a powerful billionaire who harbors dark secrets, but dangerous Special Agent Evartt makes her world - and desires - spin out of control! Who will she choose?

RIDING CURVES by Christa Wick, bestselling author of PET. Stuck on the back of Aiden Perry's motorcycle, engine thrumming between her legs while she is pressed against his big, hard body, Cecelia Harper is about to have her secret crush exposed.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Secrets & Curves

Now available at:

$0.99 for this week only!

One woman, two men. Too many secrets. Is this steamy threeway relationship too hot to handle?

For shy and curvy Jasmine Taylor, nothing ever comes easy. Her career is on a losing streak and her relationship track record is even worse. So when she's swept off her feet into a seductive whirlwind of dating two men together, it's as if her deepest fantasies have come to life.

Now with two gorgeous men in her life--enigmatic billionaire CEO, Evan Westmore; and his charming, mischievous longtime lover, Luke Rosso--Jasmine finds that the sex might be the least of her worries. Both men have deep secrets, and Jasmine with her lush beauty and her own insecurities, might be the only one who can face them head on.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Captive Wolf: Amber in Darkness #1

Captive Wolf
Amber in Darkness #1
Now available at:

All Amber wanted was a normal life, but that was never going to happen for her--and changing into a wolf was just the start of her problems. Now she's being held captive by the mysterious Others, bound to serve their depraved needs. Her only comfort lies with her friend and confidant, Austin, a vampire with issues of his own. As if that's not enough trouble, the last thing she needs is for a dark stranger to walk into her life...

Tormented and driven, Scott Blackwood searches for answers to an insurmountable problem--the curse of turning into a werewolf. He doesn't stay in one place long, and he isn't in the habit of trusting anyone, but he can't get the gorgeous, troubled girl out of his head--neither her, nor her enigmatic male companion.

This 18k word novella-length paranormal romance story is part 1 of the Amber in Darkness series. Intended for adult audiences who enjoy hot werewolf/vampire action and steamy mmf menage. 18+ only

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hunting for Curves (BBW MMF Menage Erotic Romance)

Hunting for Curves is now up!


Cute and curvy Jasmine Taylor has a dead-end job and a cheating boyfriend. She's at her breaking point but she's certain this is the best that life has to offer. After all, who would want a shy, plus-size girl like her?

Looking to fill a void in his long-time love affair with the intense, but busy, billionaire CEO Evan Westmore, Luke Rosso suggests bringing a woman into their bed -- for one night only. Neither man expects to be captivated by Jasmine's lush curves and genuine smile.

Jasmine can't resist the invitation to let the two sexy men share her. However, both men find themselves falling for her ample beauty. Will a steamy threesome be the end of Luke and Evan, or will Jasmine prove to them that one night is never enough? This 30k word novella is intended for adults only. 18+

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Desires of the Wolfman

Newly revised Wolfman Series is now available in one novel!
Now for sale on Amazon and BN (iTunes is coming soon):

As the dark of night looms and the bright full moon rises, a faint howl is heard in the distance. Wolves are rare in the little rural town. Yet newlywed couple, Lacey and Mark, are about to embark on a steamy paranormal adventure.

Lacey has been keeping a dangerous secret from her husband and denying her own deepest feelings. She just can't bring herself to tell him that he's turning into a werewolf, especially when this bold new side of him sparks her most forbidden desires. But will her anxieties tear their marriage apart?

Mark is a hard working, down-to-earth man with simple needs. He just wants to please his wife and have a safe home out in the mountains. However, he knows something strange is going on--even if it doesn't make sense to his rational mind. But as the truth is unveiled, and sizzling fantasies come to life, he'll have to take control or risk losing the one person he loves most.

Sexy, fun, and full of both action and passion, Desires of the Wolfman is the newly revised novel edition of the Wolfman series of short stories: Married to the Wolfman, Threesome with the Wolfman, Swinging with the Wolfman, and Unleashing the Wolfman. Also includes bonus short, Suburban Wolfman.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Swapping Roles (A Gender Swap Erotic Romance)

Swapping Roles is now live!  

Asher Brant is a cocky leading man with a notorious attitude, and he's not pleased to be starring in a low-budget, B-movie horror flick. He's self-important, difficult to work with, and he treats women with disdain--especially his co-star, Mackenzie. 

But when rumors of a local curse prove to be true, and Asher wakes up in a woman's body, his carefully constructed defenses begin to crumble around him. Will he rediscover his ability to trust, or will the woman who matters most to him slip through his fingers?

Mackenzie Fox might be a B-list actress, but she's a no-nonsense girl who's tired of putting up with Asher's crap--even if he is devastatingly hot. She's unfazed by his celebrity status, because she knows that underneath his smart-ass exterior he's a wounded man who can't help but push her away. But as events on set take a turn for the strange, she finds herself taking desperate measures to help him.

This 20k word erotic romance novella is intended for adult readers who enjoy steamy gender-bending adventures and sizzling Hollywood climaxes! Features an overconfident bad boy getting in touch with his feminine side, a spunky heroine who's determined to save him, awkward sex with a stunt double, a first time lesbian encounter, and a star-studded happily-ever-after!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Zodiac Gangbang (Monster Sex and Rough Astrology)

Now available at: >>>AMAZON<<<

Jennifer's spring vacation is turning out to be miserable, and she especially isn't happy that her best friend conned her into seeing a psychic. What she really wants is a sexy adventure with a hot college guy, not a free palm reading. But the psychic is handsome, charming, and knows just what she needs. Jen is about to discover a new side of herself: one that wants to be taken forcefully and ravished by monsters. Will she find release as the manifestations of the spring zodiac come to claim her, one after another?

Warning: this 12k word erotic short story is intended for adults who enjoy explicit tales of rough sex with monsters. Contains an inexperienced college girl submitting to creatures of legend: Aries, the horned beast-man; Taurus, the minotaur; and Gemini, the matched pair with a single perverted desire.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wolfman Revision and Zodiac Erotic Story

For those who may have missed it, I have taken down the Wolfman series in order to revise it.  Currently, I have completed revisions to Married to the Wolfman (#1) and Threesome with the Wolfman (#2).  There's more back story, expanded detail, and plot holes have been filled. (Added 1600 words to Married and 3300 words to Threesome, about 50% more to each)  Swinging with the Wolfman (#3) and Unleashing the Wolfman (#4) will need more work in order to realign the overall plot (and tie it back to what I have added in Married).

Again, I appreciate that you, my fans, let me know about the problems in this story.  And when I am done, I will release the entire series as a single book, at a reduced price.  I might even have a sale for the first few weeks.  It will be posted here if I do.

I am also well into my next short story, which will have a Zodiac theme.  The holidays were hectic and I had house guests which put me behind schedule.  But I am now back on track and will have this story done as soon as possible.

Thank you for all your helpful feedback and support!