Monday, December 17, 2012

Status of Wolfman Series: De-listed For Now

Due to overwhelming feedback I have decided to de-list the Wolfman series (they will still be available from Smashwords until the revision is complete).  It was one of my earlier works and it's showing its age.

In the upcoming month I will go through and revise Married to the Wolfman, add some backstory, as well as make some minor adjustments to the other stories in the series.  The top subject readers have brought up is that I neglected to disclose exactly how Mark was turned.  This will be flushed out, possibly in a prologue to the story.  Then I will re-list the collection at a lower price (singles will no longer be available on their own but I will include their covers in the back of the bundle).

With the success of the Red Wolf series, I get the impression that readers are generally disappointed with Wolfman by comparison. This realization has weighed heavy on my heart and I want to rectify the issue.

Speaking of which, the rough draft for the third Red Wolf story is complete and will get a healthy dose of editing before it goes up, hopefully before Christmas.  It'll top out solidly as a novella at a little less than 30k words (almost double Dominating Red Wolf) and focuses primarily on Scott, including a few sections from his perspective.

Fear not readers, I am listening to you and I do want you to enjoy the stories I put out.  If you have any further feedback or suggestions, please, please, please email me ( or leave comments here.  Your input is important to me as it will allow me to write more of what you want to read.

Thank you and may the Holiday be merry and joyful for you all.

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