Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bad Influence (Gay Erotic Romance)

This gay erotic romance is live on:

Brad was only a teenager when his life was upended in a terrible car crash, and though it's been nearly two years, starting over is harder than he expected. He's doing all the right things: going to college, dating a cute girl, and he doesn't drive. But he still feels listless and lost; something is missing.

That is, until a chance encounter in a club sparks an unlikely connection with a wealthy young indie rocker. Jeremy is larger than life on stage, a hotshot behind the wheel, and he wants what he can't have--outwardly straight Brad.

Like a moth to a flame, Brad finds himself drawn into Jeremy's world of illegal street racing and unraveling inhibitions. Will Brad overcome the secrets holding him back and give in to Jeremy's fast-paced intentions?

This 38k word erotic romance novella is intended for adult readers who enjoy steamy m/m relationships and heart-pounding action. Contains an inexperienced guy with a difficult past, a cocky bad boy who's fueled by adrenaline, turbo-charged cars, sexual awakening, and a full-throttle ending! 18+ only


The body of the car twisted as it launched forward, the engine screaming as the RPMs redlined. But he kept the traction straight with experienced hands. The other cars lurched ahead, bobbing with each roar of the transmission.

Then Jeremy flipped up the cigarette lighter and pressed a button nestled within. With a piercing hiss, his car bolted ahead of the others.

Gravity crushed on my chest and my fingers dug into the seat. I glanced up as the street lamps zipped by, bright streaks in the night. Then I saw headlights, straight ahead and closing in fast.

My heart lurched in my chest and I felt detached from my body. "Jeremy!" I shouted.

The oncoming car swerved sideways, blocking most of the narrow street as it displayed telltale black and white paint.

"Cop! Jeremy! Cop!" I yelled.

But he let off the gas and gently turned the wheel. The car slid from its momentum, angling as it started to spin.

"Hold on," he said.

His foot darted from pedal to pedal and he spun the wheel back as the front tires caught, pulling the back around. The car angled the other way and we curved by the front of the police car.

I looked back just as the officer hit his siren and police lights. One of the Civics spun out, the other screeched as its driver slammed his brakes. Both cars quickly turned and headed back the other way.

As if unsure of which way to go, the cop hesitated and his car diminished from my sight. Then the distant pinpricks of his headlights turned toward us, blinking, red and white flashing, with the scream of inevitable doom.

"Jesus, he's coming." My heart compressed in a vice-grip as I settled back in my seat. "I can't be in this car. If the cop catches us, I'm in deep shit."

"I knew something happened to you," Jeremy said with a grin. "You didn't strike me as the fearful type."

"I'm fucking scared shitless of going to jail."

"Yeah, me too."

He popped up the e-brake and the vehicle spun again. Then he gunned the engine and we slid around a tight corner, tires squealing, kicking up a dense cloud of smoke, the tail of the car almost touching the curb. Then as the tires caught traction, he aimed for the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. A dip in the concrete was the only sign that it was a driveway. Other than that it was just dirt and weeds.

The underside of the car grated as we left the smooth asphalt. And my teeth chattered as we bumped on the uneven ground, parallel to the main road. Then we cut down a gentle incline, a tall embankment hiding us from the street.

Just as the car pulled under an overpass, I heard the police siren scream by, overhead.

"Holy shit," I breathed...

As calmly as he gazed back at me, his breathing was heavy, and a smile curved on his face. "I'm so fucking hard right now."

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