Friday, November 30, 2012

Red Wolf on the Way and More

I've shifted my efforts to shorter works this month. Currently, I'm working on the third Red Wolf story and will try to have it out within a few weeks. I also have an outline for a short Zodiac story which I'll try to squeak in around Christmas.

Then, I'll switch back to longer works. I already have a rough outline for the next Alice in Wonderland retelling and the first chapter is down on paper, so to speak.

Finally, another demon hunter story is taking shape and I'm brainstorming for more Cowgirl stories. Maybe even a cowboy m/m erotic romance. But these are currently on the back-burner and won't be started until January or February.

As an afterthought, I do plan on rewriting the Wolfman series at some point, especially Married to the Wolfman. However this will not be right away since my efforts would be better served putting out new stories. But it is out there. I've heard your feedback and I understand your criticisms of that particular series. I am listening to you and I will rectify it when I can.

Thank you for your support and your invaluable feedback!

And here's a rough for the teaser (it will be flushed out with editing when I give it my full attention in early January):

The hot smell of a fresh lightning strike filled the room. As a tingle washed along Alice's skin, she glanced up from the small oak desk, searching for the source of the strange and sharp odor. Then the golden pocket watch lurched and clattered on the wooden tabletop in front of her.

As she lifted the vibrating timepiece, Laura turned from the pantry and approached, a stack of freshly folded laundry in her hands.

“What--?” Laura started to ask.

The watch’s clamshell popped open suddenly, exposing the wiring gauges and spinning mechanical hands. Laura stared at the device, her head cocked and her brows pinched.

But a smile creased Alice’s face as she looked up at her sister. This is it.

A bright arc of light thundered across the room. It branched at the walls, whirling papers into the air and sending a stack of books crashing to the ground. Alice’s teeth rattled from the deafening sound and Laura screamed as the clothes slipped from her fingers.

Alice didn’t hesitate. Lunging over the writing desk, she flung herself at the terrified woman. And as her outstretched fingers latched onto Laura’s arm, the floor dropped out from beneath their feet.

Dizzy with vertigo, her mind twisted and stretched as they both spun into a thrashing black void. Violent wind buffeted her body and her golden hair whipped at her face. But she held her sister tight, not daring to lose her in the chaotic vortex.

Joints in her legs strained and popped as gravity pulled at her limbs, threatening to tear her apart. The sound of her cries died on her lips, sucked away in the tumult.

Laura’s mouth hung open in a silent scream. Her eyes rolled back, showing only white, and her head flailed limply on her shoulders.

Hang on, Laura, please, Alice thought with panic. Just for a little while longer.

Then a piercing light blinded her and the sound of the storm ripped from her ears, enveloping her in silence.

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