Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Vampire's Glamour

The exciting conclusion to the Erotic Demon Hunter Tales, The Vampire's Glamour is now live on: >>>AMAZON.COM<<<

Casey's a tough-girl demon hunter who's falling for her cocky partner, Nick. He's a wealthy man with a dark past who isn’t really her type, but after facing demons and black magic together, their connection might be more than it seems. Now, as they attend a gala vampire event in search of answers, they find both danger and perversion. Can they overcome vampires and demons to save Nick’s soul?

This deviously dirty 20k word erotic romance novella is intended for adult readers only. Contains a strong heroine who’s forced to question her solitary ways, a man who finds a reason to reclaim his soul, a deviant vampire party, a lustful tentacle demon, nipple piercing, explicit sex, anal sex, mind control, explosive vampire-slaying action, and a happily-ever-after that will set the paranormal underworld on fire!


So we walked together, hand in hand, into the luxurious hive of our dangerous enemies. 

The crowded room swirled with velvet and silk as the guests mingled at the edges and danced at the center. Stained glass lamps cast splashes of bright burnished scarlet amid pools of blood-hued darkness. Both men and women glittered with jewels, extravagant masks, and fresh cut flowers. Gossamer wings fluttered on the central dance floor, and my eyes strained to follow them. I wondered if they belonged to a costume or a mythical creature.

At the far end of the room, an ornate stage was built into the wall. It was backlit with golden light, draped in red velvet, and adorned with decorative wrought iron columns. And writhing around each column was a porcelain-skinned vampire girl, each nearly naked in a skimpy burlesque-style costume, but with eyes devoid of emotion.


Pushing my way through the crowd, I dragged Nick after me as we headed toward the archway at the other end of the room. We squeezed past two dancing devils with golden wings and slit cobalt eyes. They stopped to stare as if catching the scent of our mortal bodies.

I hurried along the dance floor, brushing cold shoulders and ignoring the quiet murmur that rolled in our wake. As we neared one of the arched doorways, I stopped in my tracks, narrowly missing a collision with a topless vampire slave girl. She glared back at me with incredulous disgust, refusing to move as she blocked our path with a heavy silver platter of bloody hors d’oeuvres. 

Like a freshly struck match, the hot smell of danger filled my senses. Acting quickly, I pulled Nick into an intimate embrace as the crowd closed in around us.

“Relax,” I whispered with forced cheerfulness as I leaned my head on his shoulder. “They can’t harm us as long as we’re guests.” I smiled as a burly, yet handsome vampire in a bandit mask cast charming glances at me. My amulet burned over my chest, shining with an intense, violet glow.

“And when they realize... ?” Nick’s voice was barely a murmur. 

But I knew the vampires had exceptional hearing so I put a finger to his lips. Then he raised an eyebrow as a woman pressed against his back. Her eyes closed as she sniffed deeply at his neck.

“Don’t be silly,” I replied and gave the vampire a stern look. She smiled back as she turned away, but her hungry eyes lingered on us. 

“Why don’t we get some space out in the hall?” I asked and my breath caught as a stranger’s hand brushed my ass.

While clutching Nick close, I tried to back through the press, but the crowd formed a tight circle around us. The vampires licked their lips and leaned in closer, running their hands through my hair and tracing their fingernails down Nick’s arm. They’re becoming incensed, I thought with panic as a cold breath blew across my neck.

“Any ideas?” He grimaced, staring at me with wide eyes.

I knew this would be too dangerous. We were like raw steak, hanging over a dog kennel and the vampires were losing control. Nothing would stop them if blood was drawn. I need to do something soon or there will be a bloodletting.

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