Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Goldenlocks and Her Forbidden Desire

This taboo fairy tale is now live on: 

A twisted fairy tale of forbidden magic and taboo desire...

Aurea "Goldenlocks", the village witch's daughter, is still a virgin but she has longed for her three half-beast stepfathers since her mother bound them in a ritual many years ago. As the seasons turn, and the long winter brings danger from the north, she takes flight into the dark, foreboding woods. Will the three bear demigods, guardians of the forest, be tamed by her mother's magic? Or will they claim Aurea's virgin blood for their own?

Warning: This 12,500 word novelette-length erotic fairy tale features ancient magic, a forest of arcane secrets, a feisty virgin who is determined to live out her fantasies, spanking, oral sex, rough breeding sex, and a young woman's union with her demigod beast-fathers. Intended for adults (+18) only! 

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