Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Devils, Vampires, Werewolves, and Post Apocalyptic Breeding.

Because the Alice story is so long, I've decided to split some of my time on other shorts.

I'm trying my hand at a breeding story.  So I put it in a post apocalyptic world, where there's 5 scientists who are trying to figure out how to save mankind.  They settle on repopulating the planet.  There's a small problem, though.  Only one of them is female.

I tried to write this with a sweet yet gritty romance feel, leading up to the sex, where the woman requires the men to woo her with a party before she'll agree to the deal.  I'm currently at 5k words but I'm shooting for 6k+ for the total.  It should be finished by the weekend.  Working title: Breeding at the End of the World.

Here's the cover as a teaser:

I'm also working on the third and final Devil's Taint which should be another week, (working title: The Vampire's Clutches) and the third Red Wolf which will be a few more weeks (working title: Kidnapping Red Wolf).

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