Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dominating Red Wolf

Dominating Red Wolf, is now up.

As a young college-age werewolf, and overall nice guy, Ryan has some difficulty adjusting to life with a pack. He’s enthralled with his soulmate Amber, the cute werewolf college-girl. But he’s torn by unwelcome arousal for his dark packmate, Scott. To make matters worse, their wealthy pack matriarch is intent on teaching him a lesson. Will he come to terms with his darkest desires?

Warning: this naughty 17k word novelete-length story is intended for adults only. Contains two bisexual werewolf college kids in love, a werewolf matriarch with a penchant for discipline, a sexy and sadistic werewolf with an eye on his inexperienced packmate, explicit sex, bdsm, a hard paddling, orgasm denial, a hot werewolf threesome, rough anal sex, and submission to dark hidden longings.


“Scott is a friend,” Diana stated simply. Then a knowing grin tugged at her mouth. “He plays a poor submissive though, despite his desire to please me. But now things will be more interesting with a true submissive.”

"What? I'm not..." I looked to Amber for confirmation.

"You kind of are, Red." She smirked. "You're too much of a nice guy for a werewolf."

"I can be rough." My voice cracked and the words sounded hollow as they both stared at me like hungry predators. "You know, when we--"

“Only because I let you,” she interrupted. With a forceful kiss, she settled her hand on my crotch, teasing my arousal, and letting me know I’d lost the battle already. Then she traced her finger down my jawline and nibbled up to my ear. "I think we should put Di's theory to the test. Don't you?"

"I--ah." My body jerked as her hand gave my cock a playful squeeze. "Okay. What did you have in mind?"

Amber and Diana shared a pointed look that told me they’d been planning this all along.

"Now, Red..." Diana’s voice turned stern and mirth danced in her eyes. "Amber tells me that you've been neglecting your education."

Amber gave a solemn nod. "He failed a class last quarter."

Diana's eyes narrowed. Her gaze took on a look of authority, bringing back visions of school teachers from my past, whom I hadn't dared cross. I shrank back into the couch under its weight.

"I didn't fail. I got a D minus," I corrected, knowing it wouldn’t help at all.

I turned to Amber, searching her expression. But despite the hand on my crotch, gently groping me, there was no sympathy on her face. Even while juggling a full-time job, she was a stellar honor student, and still managed to spare time for me. She's enjoying this, I thought.

"Admit it, Red. You've been bad." Amber made a show of pretending to whisper into my ear, though her breathy voice carried loudly. "Maybe Scott had the right idea."

"He certainly did." Diana stood up and leaned close to me. "Now, pull down your pants and lay across Amber's lap."

Before I could utter a sound of protest, Amber's fingers were already working my fly open. My face flooded with fire and my cock rose to attention, as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of my jeans and wrestled them off my hips. With a look of resignation, I lifted my ass and let her pull my pants down to my knees.

I shot a sheepish glance at Amber. God, this is embarrassing. But she and Diana were into it, and it wasn't like they would actually hurt me. I had nothing to worry about except my own dignity, which was questionable lately--since my humiliating initiation into the pack. Alright, I'll try to have fun with it.

So with the cool air-conditioned atmosphere sending light shivers over my exposed backside, I arranged myself across Amber's lap. I gave my hips a playful shake and settled my hard cock against her thigh, then turned my flushed face to grin up at her.

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