Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cowgirl's Rough Ride: Double Down & Dirty

Is now *LIVE* on Amazon.

Brutal Bill and Tricky Jane search for answers, along with Bill's secretive associate, Gus. But loyalties will be tested when Jane and Gus find themselves thrown together by circumstances. Then Jane winds up captured and fearing the worst. How far will she go to get out of a deadly situation?

Warning: This rough and dirty 9,000 word story is intended for adults only. Contains a tough gunslinging heroine, saloon poker, menage (mfm), oral sex, spanking, rough anal sex, and a show busting rescue with the meanest bounty hunter in the west.


"Hush up and do as he says, Jane," Gus said with a scowl. "They're trained military men but he can handle 'em. You can't."

Then she heard the thunder of hooves, and the cavalry raced past them.

Anger stewed in her gut, followed by worry and shame. Flinging her hat on the ground, she dug her heel into the feathers, and glared at Gus. He shrugged, and turned away, heading for the other exit to the alley.

She hated being treated like horse-flesh about as much as she hated fearing for Bill's life. But she swallowed her emotions, and grudgingly followed the bartender with her fists clenched.

As the two snuck out from between the buildings, she spied a lone pinto mare tied up next to white tent. When they approached, the flap flew open, and a man in glasses poked his head out. Gus touched the double barrels to the man's nose, and plopped the sack on the ground.

"I'm buying your horse, mister," Gus said as he reached into the pack, and produced a handful of cash.

The man nodded with his eyes wide, timidly accepting the payment. It was enough to buy two horses, and then some. Hopefully it kept the man's mouth shut.

She untied the horse, and Gus swung up into the saddle. Pulling Jane up behind him, he secured the bag under a tie, then kicked the horse into a full gallop. 

She searched the dark as the twinkling light of the town shrank from view. But she knew she wouldn't see the wagon. I sure hope he's ok, she thought. Sighing against Gus's broad back, she focused on holding on as the frills of her dress rippled in the wind. 

The moon slid over the night sky, and Gus eventually slowed the horse to a walk. 

"There's something that's been buggin' me, Gus," she murmured against his shirt.

"And what's that, Jane?" He asked dryly.

"As long as I've known Bill, with all we've been through, I don't hardly know much about either of you."

He glanced over his shoulder at her, his small hat covering his smooth head. She noticed he wasn't scowling under his thick mustache, and his eyebrows were raised. Looking forward again, he took a deep breath. "We're private men. It's not polite to ask about personal business."

"But Bill knows things about you that no one else does," she said. "And you know things about him."

His back tensed. "I'm not comfortable with the direction this conversation has taken."

"C'mon, Gus," she purred, moving a hand down to his crotch. 

He jumped in the saddle, and grabbed her wrist, placing it back up higher on his body. "Hey now, Tricky Jane. I'm not looking to make Bill mad."

"Why would it make him mad? I'm not his girl." It was her turn to scowl. "He said so when we first met."

"There's a lot of things you don't know about him." Gus cleared his throat. In the dim light of the moon, she saw the skin on his neck turning a shade darker.

"So tell me, then." Her hand trailed back down to his pants, and she deftly unbuckled his belt with her fingers. 

She knew it would hurt Bill's feelings but she was still angry about how he'd just left her in Gus's care. Plus she wanted to hear more about his past. And who better to pump information from than his closest friend.

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