Saturday, June 23, 2012

Unleashing the Wolfman (Werewolf Erotic Romance: #4)

Unleashing the Wolfman (Werewolf Erotic Romance: #4) is now live!
(Sorry about the premature post, pun intended.  It appears Amazon is back-logged for price listing.  Should be ready in a few hours)

Lacey stirs from a lucid dream to find Mark has run off to save Cole. Rebecca discovers a traitor and rallies the pack. Unfortunately, the Hunt is waiting for them. Meanwhile, Cole wakes, chained, in an old cabin, with a tall, domineering woman who wants answers, at the cost of his hide. But she softens to his genuine advances and reveals a grizzly secret. 

Warning: This exciting 11k word story is intended for adults only. Contains explicit sex, bdsm, femdom, rough interspecies shifter sex, and a thrilling climax to the Wolfman Saga.


“Pay attention, mutt.” She yanked his chain, spilling him from his sitting position onto his hands and knees. “Don’t even think about changin’. I’m stronger than you think and I could crush you without breakin’ a sweat.”

“I wouldn’t fight a pretty thing like you,” he quipped. “And I couldn’t change if I wanted to. I’m still learning the ropes. You know, if you have any tips--”

The crop cracked across his back, leaving a burning swipe on his skin. 

“Tell me where the pack is.” She ordered with irritation. Another swing lashed out, smacking him on the side.

Cole grimaced, gripping his waist to protect his stomach. “If you’re talking about those nice people who left me tied up,” he said through his teeth. “They didn’t tell me.”

Anger swelled in her eyes. Blows rained down on his back, hot agony on top of hot agony. Contorting his body, Cole refused to cry out, enduring the torment with silent concentration. 

Although her rudeness annoyed him, her closeness flipped a switch in his brain. He could smell her sweet, natural scent; almost taste it. Through the pain in his sluggish mind, he sensed a tenuous but present connection between them. He knew she was a country girl. And he knew she was acting tough. Beyond that it was more ambiguous. Like a feeling. Was she a shifter?

It was difficult for him to get his thoughts in line with the sharp pain of the crop breaking over his skin. Gasping from a strike, he focused on her presence.

There was something else, just at the edge of his senses. It was earthly, bestial. But not like the other shifters he’d met. He wanted to peel back the sadistic facade and see what this woman was really like.

Abruptly, the beating halted. 

“Tell me about the woman. Lacey,” she commanded, breathing hard as the first beads of sweat trickled down her temples. 

His heart leapt. 

All of this, his pain and suffering, was for her. Panic crept into him as he wondered what happened to her. Was it too late to save her? 

He thought about her soft dark eyes, her fine lips. Lacey had wiggled in and caressed his soul like no other. But she was frustratingly distant, having already kindled a long term relationship with Mark. As much as he fought for her, gave himself to her, a part of him knew she’d never be his.

“She’s a beautiful lady who took my hat and ran off with my heart,” he said with earnest sadness. “You see, she’s already spoken for.”

The tall woman quirked her head at him, with a confused look on her face.

Sighing, he looked out the window on the other side of the room. “Well, she wasn’t really my type anyway. A little too open about things. I like a more reserved, mysterious woman.” His gaze shifted to her. “Like you.” He smiled.

Her eyes went wide and her lips parted. Then she scowled. 

“Stop mocking me, dog,” she growled. Turning, she grabbed a coil of leather from the table behind her. “You need to learn some respect.” 

He shot a hand up, flinching from her raised arm. “Whoa. I wasn’t--”

The whip cracked across his back, slicing a searing stripe of fire on his skin. He did cry out, then, his ragged voice trying to tear the agony from him.

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