Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pirates and Demons, Oh My!

Rough draft for pirate sequel is done at just over 10k words.  Editing will take time but I will try to get it done as quickly as I can while preserving quality.  It'll have 5 sex scenes, last of which is long and tender while maintaining its raunchiness (think dp action).  Swashbuckling in a bar, a sea battle, and of course, the famous peg-leg strap-on returns in this story. Working title: Riding The Sea Bitch

Rough draft for demon sequel is almost done with just the last part of the final sex scene to be crafted.  This will also go into editing asap.  Over 8k words now, it will probably be close to 9k at the finish.  2 sex scenes but last one is a monster, with a 5 person orgy involving two domineering women, hermaphroditic twin-cest demon girls, and one, poor man.  Lots of demon oral, fisting, pegging, anal, and an explosive ending. Working title: The Demon Sisters

I would love to get one of these publishing by tomorrow night but Tuesday night might be more realistic.

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