Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In the works for July, 2012

  • Working on the 2rd sequel in the Erotic Demon Hunter Tales.  Nick and Casey are dressing up for a monster of a costume party hosted at a vampire's mansion.  They're looking for answers but they get more than they expected when the demonic guests start an orgy.  No working title at this moment.

  • Planning out the next Cowgirl's Rough Ride.  Jane tries her hand at poker and Bill robs a saloon as a guise so he can pump the weaselly owner for information.  Clues take them north as they try to find out who's framing him.  On the way, Jane is captured and detained at a military fort.  How far is she willing to go to get out?  No working title at this moment. Update: Working title is Cowgirl's Rough Ride: Double Down and Dirty.

  • The sequel to Taming Red Wolf is in the early stages of development.  But it will involve more bdsm during a menage with Amber, Diane, and Ryan.  Then Scott takes Ryan out hunting and things get out of hand.  Working title: Dominating Red Wolf.

I am also tossing around some ideas for another erotic fairy tale based off Alice in Wonderland.  But don't expect any friendly critters like the cartoon movie.  This one is going to be dark, with more old-school mythos, and of course, raunchy sex (think gang bang with giant chess set that comes to life).  Possible working title: Alice's Erotic Wonderland.

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