Monday, June 11, 2012

The Demon Sisters (Erotic Demon Hunter Tales: #2)

The Demon Sisters 
(Erotic Demon Hunter Tales: #2)

Live on AmazonB&N, and Smashwords!  This one is RAUNCHY!

Tough-girl Casey is trying to unravel a demonic problem, along with Nick, the sexy young executive with a mysterious past. She learns more about Nick's kinky side, and just might surprise him herself. But will things go too far when they're faced with two perverted succubi who are packing heat?

Warning this raunchy 9000 word story is intended for adults only. Contains a strong heroine, a man who's more than he seems, a powerful witch, two dickgirl demons, explicit sex, anal sex, sex toys, spanking, fisting, pegging, and a down and dirty orgy!


"So these demons, are they really sisters?" Nick asked in an even tone, stepping over the lines on the ground.

"There's nothing real about demons. It’s simply a title they use,” Joy said, taking his hand. “This isn’t their reality.”

Nick gave her a questioning look.

"She means it's subjective,” I clarified, joining them, and completing the circle of naked flesh. “Demons appear only as they want to be. They've been around for thousands of years in various forms.”

“They’re powerful succubi, and fairly mysterious,” Joy said, rolling her shoulders and loosening her arms. “There isn’t much in the ancient texts about the Sisters, so this should be interesting.”

“They’ll be far more powerful than the demon you summoned,” I added for Nick. “Yours was a minor creature, more of an unthinking monster. These are something else entirely.”

Joy squeezed both our hands, ending the conversation. She closed her eyes and hummed for a long moment, raising her voice in a long-dead language I couldn’t understand. Chanting with sharp resonant sounds, she raised our clasped hands over the bloody mark in the center of the circle.

The purple focus-stone gave a weak pulse, warming between my breasts. It was useless here, even if it had been working correctly. Joy’s magic was bigger than my little trinket.

A low vibration buzzed through the intricate patterns adorning the tile, climbing upward and meeting her voice. The symbol on the ground began to glow, the air thickened around us and an electric tension filled the room, raising the hairs on my arms. 

My vision went cloudy and I shook my head, trying to clear my senses. The light in the room dimmed and heat radiated from the center as her voice droned on. I stole a glance at Nick, then shifted to Joy. Their eyes were closed, faces serious, and sweat dampened their brows. They look strangely alike, I pondered.

With a flash of crimson light, the room spun and cavorted around me. My fingers dug into Nick and Joy as I fought for my balance. Their hands clawed into me and we focused together, fighting the strain.

“Lucinazhilechiel! Bethestrazethila!” Joy screamed the names with the strength of our combined will. “I summon you!”

Then with a rush of hot air, they were before us. Two demon girls, tall and sensual, with full breasts and creamy red-tinged skin. On their heads, tiny nubs of horn peeked through luxurious waves of crimson hair. Two sets of smooth thighs tapered to perfectly toned calves, but at the end of their long legs were large cloven hooves--pedicured and painted a deep metallic red.

They were identical except for their eyes, one pair gold-flecked and the other violet, both watching us with wicked intensity.

And jutting out from both crotches were massive cocks, erect and waiting. A bemused smile played on my lips. Well, that was unexpected.

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