Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Collection of the Wolfman (Werewolf Erotic Romance Bundle)

This is the entire collection of the Wolfman series, available now in this bundle!

As the dark of night looms and the bright full moon rises, a faint howl is heard in the distance. Wolves are rare in the little rural town. Yet there’s a sudden increase in lupine creatures lurking in the woods. 

The Collection of the Wolfman compiles the four short stories of Lacey and Mark’s sexual adventures into the realm of werewolf kind. Combined, they total 32k words of hot werewolf action, including the exclusive bonus mini-short, Suburban Wolfman, available only in this bundle.

Lacey is keeping a dangerous secret from her loving husband... he's a werewolf. She's faced with an agonizing choice to either tell him or leave him, during what might be their last romantic night together.

Warning: This explicit 3300 word story is intended for adults only. Contains a gentle husband by day/aggressive werewolf by night, a strong-willed sexy wife, rough sex, and a romantic struggle (in more ways than one).

Lacey dreams of the woods, and of strange and wild encounters. She's torn by her newfound power, and the secrets she's keeping from her loving husband. When a handsome stranger appears at their door, she finds the facade crumbling and her primitive urges taking over.

Warning: This explicit 6400 word story is intended for adults only. Contains: a strong-willed heroine getting in touch with her wild side, a loving husband with bestial tendencies, a sexy stranger with his own secrets, and a ravishing werewolf threesome (mfm).

Lacey discovers the secrets of a hidden werewolf enclave in the nearby woods, but they have dangerous enemies. Now she’s been separated from her loving husband, Mark and her new mate, Cole. Will they be reunited before it’s too late?

Warning: This naughty 9500 word story is intended for adults only. Contains loving werewolves sharing their wild sides, explicit sex, magic, adventure, and a werewolf foursome (mfmf) you won’t forget!

Lacey stirs from a lucid dream to find Mark has run off to save Cole. Rebecca discovers a traitor and rallies the pack. Unfortunately, the Hunt is waiting for them. Meanwhile, Cole wakes, chained, in an old cabin, with a tall, domineering woman who wants answers, at the cost of his hide. But she softens to his genuine advances and reveals a grizzly secret. 

Warning: This exciting 11k word story is intended for adults only. Contains explicit sex, bdsm, femdom, rough interspecies shifter sex, and a thrilling climax to the Wolfman Saga.

Excerpt from the mini-short, Suburban Wolfman:

“Here’s your paper, ma’am,” Mark quipped in an exaggerated, youthful voice.

“Oh thank you, paperboy.” Lacey turned with a seductive grin. “I always enjoy your deliveries.”

She placed her hand on her side and one of the shoulder strings slid down her arm.

“What’s wrong with your shirt, ma’am?” Mark asked as he slowly swaggered over to her.

Looking down at her cami, her expression changed into fabricated surprise. “It must have ripped. I’m no good at these things. Maybe you can fix it.”

“I’ll give it a shot.” Mark moved closer and slipped the other string off her shoulder. “Oops, I ripped it more.”

“Oh shoot.” She pouted, her lips pursing together. “Now I’ll have to take it off.”

The loose cloth slid down around her waist, exposing her perky breasts. His hands cupped the curved skin and his thumbs rubbed over her hard nipples.

“I hope you don’t mind me sayin’, but you’ve got a pretty body. Poor paperboys don’t get to see very many beautiful ladies.” He smiled as their lips touched.

She hummed into his kiss, then leaned back with a shocked look. “You’re forward for a young paperboy. What if my husband finds out?”

“He’ll give me a tip for doing such a good job pleasuring his wife.” His hands slipped down to her ass, and slowly spread her cheeks apart.

She backed away and he maneuvered her over to the table.

“But you’re a stranger,” she whispered. “I wouldn’t give myself to just anyone.”

He shrugged out of his robe and let it drop to the ground. She looked down with amazement while stepping away from him. Then her rear bumped the wooden edge, and he pressed his body into hers. His hard cock brushed the cloth covering her mound. “You’ll know me soon enough,” he growled with a playful grin.

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