Friday, June 29, 2012

Note to those who bought through Kobo.

Up until recently I've had my distribution to Kobo through Smashwords.  I had no way to fix issues with blurb formatting and any changes took days, sometimes weeks to go through.  Plus there's a delay on reporting sales so I did not know that stories had actually sold.  

In preparation for their self publishing feature due out in July, I had the stories taken down. 

I apologize to those who purchased stories and may have wanted to buy more.  My ebooks will be back up in a few weeks, with more control over the formatting so the blurbs will have better information about each one.

Thank you for your patience!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In the works for July, 2012

  • Working on the 2rd sequel in the Erotic Demon Hunter Tales.  Nick and Casey are dressing up for a monster of a costume party hosted at a vampire's mansion.  They're looking for answers but they get more than they expected when the demonic guests start an orgy.  No working title at this moment.

  • Planning out the next Cowgirl's Rough Ride.  Jane tries her hand at poker and Bill robs a saloon as a guise so he can pump the weaselly owner for information.  Clues take them north as they try to find out who's framing him.  On the way, Jane is captured and detained at a military fort.  How far is she willing to go to get out?  No working title at this moment. Update: Working title is Cowgirl's Rough Ride: Double Down and Dirty.

  • The sequel to Taming Red Wolf is in the early stages of development.  But it will involve more bdsm during a menage with Amber, Diane, and Ryan.  Then Scott takes Ryan out hunting and things get out of hand.  Working title: Dominating Red Wolf.

I am also tossing around some ideas for another erotic fairy tale based off Alice in Wonderland.  But don't expect any friendly critters like the cartoon movie.  This one is going to be dark, with more old-school mythos, and of course, raunchy sex (think gang bang with giant chess set that comes to life).  Possible working title: Alice's Erotic Wonderland.

Collection of the Wolfman (Werewolf Erotic Romance Bundle)

This is the entire collection of the Wolfman series, available now in this bundle!

As the dark of night looms and the bright full moon rises, a faint howl is heard in the distance. Wolves are rare in the little rural town. Yet there’s a sudden increase in lupine creatures lurking in the woods. 

The Collection of the Wolfman compiles the four short stories of Lacey and Mark’s sexual adventures into the realm of werewolf kind. Combined, they total 32k words of hot werewolf action, including the exclusive bonus mini-short, Suburban Wolfman, available only in this bundle.

Lacey is keeping a dangerous secret from her loving husband... he's a werewolf. She's faced with an agonizing choice to either tell him or leave him, during what might be their last romantic night together.

Warning: This explicit 3300 word story is intended for adults only. Contains a gentle husband by day/aggressive werewolf by night, a strong-willed sexy wife, rough sex, and a romantic struggle (in more ways than one).

Lacey dreams of the woods, and of strange and wild encounters. She's torn by her newfound power, and the secrets she's keeping from her loving husband. When a handsome stranger appears at their door, she finds the facade crumbling and her primitive urges taking over.

Warning: This explicit 6400 word story is intended for adults only. Contains: a strong-willed heroine getting in touch with her wild side, a loving husband with bestial tendencies, a sexy stranger with his own secrets, and a ravishing werewolf threesome (mfm).

Lacey discovers the secrets of a hidden werewolf enclave in the nearby woods, but they have dangerous enemies. Now she’s been separated from her loving husband, Mark and her new mate, Cole. Will they be reunited before it’s too late?

Warning: This naughty 9500 word story is intended for adults only. Contains loving werewolves sharing their wild sides, explicit sex, magic, adventure, and a werewolf foursome (mfmf) you won’t forget!

Lacey stirs from a lucid dream to find Mark has run off to save Cole. Rebecca discovers a traitor and rallies the pack. Unfortunately, the Hunt is waiting for them. Meanwhile, Cole wakes, chained, in an old cabin, with a tall, domineering woman who wants answers, at the cost of his hide. But she softens to his genuine advances and reveals a grizzly secret. 

Warning: This exciting 11k word story is intended for adults only. Contains explicit sex, bdsm, femdom, rough interspecies shifter sex, and a thrilling climax to the Wolfman Saga.

Excerpt from the mini-short, Suburban Wolfman:

“Here’s your paper, ma’am,” Mark quipped in an exaggerated, youthful voice.

“Oh thank you, paperboy.” Lacey turned with a seductive grin. “I always enjoy your deliveries.”

She placed her hand on her side and one of the shoulder strings slid down her arm.

“What’s wrong with your shirt, ma’am?” Mark asked as he slowly swaggered over to her.

Looking down at her cami, her expression changed into fabricated surprise. “It must have ripped. I’m no good at these things. Maybe you can fix it.”

“I’ll give it a shot.” Mark moved closer and slipped the other string off her shoulder. “Oops, I ripped it more.”

“Oh shoot.” She pouted, her lips pursing together. “Now I’ll have to take it off.”

The loose cloth slid down around her waist, exposing her perky breasts. His hands cupped the curved skin and his thumbs rubbed over her hard nipples.

“I hope you don’t mind me sayin’, but you’ve got a pretty body. Poor paperboys don’t get to see very many beautiful ladies.” He smiled as their lips touched.

She hummed into his kiss, then leaned back with a shocked look. “You’re forward for a young paperboy. What if my husband finds out?”

“He’ll give me a tip for doing such a good job pleasuring his wife.” His hands slipped down to her ass, and slowly spread her cheeks apart.

She backed away and he maneuvered her over to the table.

“But you’re a stranger,” she whispered. “I wouldn’t give myself to just anyone.”

He shrugged out of his robe and let it drop to the ground. She looked down with amazement while stepping away from him. Then her rear bumped the wooden edge, and he pressed his body into hers. His hard cock brushed the cloth covering her mound. “You’ll know me soon enough,” he growled with a playful grin.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Unleashing the Wolfman (Werewolf Erotic Romance: #4)

Unleashing the Wolfman (Werewolf Erotic Romance: #4) is now live!
(Sorry about the premature post, pun intended.  It appears Amazon is back-logged for price listing.  Should be ready in a few hours)

Lacey stirs from a lucid dream to find Mark has run off to save Cole. Rebecca discovers a traitor and rallies the pack. Unfortunately, the Hunt is waiting for them. Meanwhile, Cole wakes, chained, in an old cabin, with a tall, domineering woman who wants answers, at the cost of his hide. But she softens to his genuine advances and reveals a grizzly secret. 

Warning: This exciting 11k word story is intended for adults only. Contains explicit sex, bdsm, femdom, rough interspecies shifter sex, and a thrilling climax to the Wolfman Saga.


“Pay attention, mutt.” She yanked his chain, spilling him from his sitting position onto his hands and knees. “Don’t even think about changin’. I’m stronger than you think and I could crush you without breakin’ a sweat.”

“I wouldn’t fight a pretty thing like you,” he quipped. “And I couldn’t change if I wanted to. I’m still learning the ropes. You know, if you have any tips--”

The crop cracked across his back, leaving a burning swipe on his skin. 

“Tell me where the pack is.” She ordered with irritation. Another swing lashed out, smacking him on the side.

Cole grimaced, gripping his waist to protect his stomach. “If you’re talking about those nice people who left me tied up,” he said through his teeth. “They didn’t tell me.”

Anger swelled in her eyes. Blows rained down on his back, hot agony on top of hot agony. Contorting his body, Cole refused to cry out, enduring the torment with silent concentration. 

Although her rudeness annoyed him, her closeness flipped a switch in his brain. He could smell her sweet, natural scent; almost taste it. Through the pain in his sluggish mind, he sensed a tenuous but present connection between them. He knew she was a country girl. And he knew she was acting tough. Beyond that it was more ambiguous. Like a feeling. Was she a shifter?

It was difficult for him to get his thoughts in line with the sharp pain of the crop breaking over his skin. Gasping from a strike, he focused on her presence.

There was something else, just at the edge of his senses. It was earthly, bestial. But not like the other shifters he’d met. He wanted to peel back the sadistic facade and see what this woman was really like.

Abruptly, the beating halted. 

“Tell me about the woman. Lacey,” she commanded, breathing hard as the first beads of sweat trickled down her temples. 

His heart leapt. 

All of this, his pain and suffering, was for her. Panic crept into him as he wondered what happened to her. Was it too late to save her? 

He thought about her soft dark eyes, her fine lips. Lacey had wiggled in and caressed his soul like no other. But she was frustratingly distant, having already kindled a long term relationship with Mark. As much as he fought for her, gave himself to her, a part of him knew she’d never be his.

“She’s a beautiful lady who took my hat and ran off with my heart,” he said with earnest sadness. “You see, she’s already spoken for.”

The tall woman quirked her head at him, with a confused look on her face.

Sighing, he looked out the window on the other side of the room. “Well, she wasn’t really my type anyway. A little too open about things. I like a more reserved, mysterious woman.” His gaze shifted to her. “Like you.” He smiled.

Her eyes went wide and her lips parted. Then she scowled. 

“Stop mocking me, dog,” she growled. Turning, she grabbed a coil of leather from the table behind her. “You need to learn some respect.” 

He shot a hand up, flinching from her raised arm. “Whoa. I wasn’t--”

The whip cracked across his back, slicing a searing stripe of fire on his skin. He did cry out, then, his ragged voice trying to tear the agony from him.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Werewolf Story Soon

I'm about three quarters done with the rough draft for the forth, and final, Werewolf Erotic Romance, working title: Unleashing The Wolfwan.  I'm shooting for Thursday evening publish to give me room to thoroughly flush out the plot; it has some tricky subjects.  But it could be sooner.

Pirate Debauchery Two Pack

Bulging with adventure and dirty sex on the high seas, this two-pack chronicles the naughty exploits of privateer Captain Anne Hitchcock. With the help of her queer crew and her run-down yet sturdy ship, the Sea Bitch, she hunts the kinky pirate, Captain Richard "Long" Peck. But she finds more than just a quick fling when the pirates show her how far they'll go to steal her heart. 

Warning: this debauchery-laden 20k word novella combines two raunchy stories: Taking His Booty and Riding the Sea Bitch. This collection is intended for adults only. Contains: a domineering female captain, her cocky gay first-mate, a charming bisexual pirate, a transgender pirate, explicit sex, oral sex, anal sex, multiple hot threesomes, double penetration, and a well used peg-leg strap-on!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Demon Sisters (Erotic Demon Hunter Tales: #2)

The Demon Sisters 
(Erotic Demon Hunter Tales: #2)

Live on AmazonB&N, and Smashwords!  This one is RAUNCHY!

Tough-girl Casey is trying to unravel a demonic problem, along with Nick, the sexy young executive with a mysterious past. She learns more about Nick's kinky side, and just might surprise him herself. But will things go too far when they're faced with two perverted succubi who are packing heat?

Warning this raunchy 9000 word story is intended for adults only. Contains a strong heroine, a man who's more than he seems, a powerful witch, two dickgirl demons, explicit sex, anal sex, sex toys, spanking, fisting, pegging, and a down and dirty orgy!


"So these demons, are they really sisters?" Nick asked in an even tone, stepping over the lines on the ground.

"There's nothing real about demons. It’s simply a title they use,” Joy said, taking his hand. “This isn’t their reality.”

Nick gave her a questioning look.

"She means it's subjective,” I clarified, joining them, and completing the circle of naked flesh. “Demons appear only as they want to be. They've been around for thousands of years in various forms.”

“They’re powerful succubi, and fairly mysterious,” Joy said, rolling her shoulders and loosening her arms. “There isn’t much in the ancient texts about the Sisters, so this should be interesting.”

“They’ll be far more powerful than the demon you summoned,” I added for Nick. “Yours was a minor creature, more of an unthinking monster. These are something else entirely.”

Joy squeezed both our hands, ending the conversation. She closed her eyes and hummed for a long moment, raising her voice in a long-dead language I couldn’t understand. Chanting with sharp resonant sounds, she raised our clasped hands over the bloody mark in the center of the circle.

The purple focus-stone gave a weak pulse, warming between my breasts. It was useless here, even if it had been working correctly. Joy’s magic was bigger than my little trinket.

A low vibration buzzed through the intricate patterns adorning the tile, climbing upward and meeting her voice. The symbol on the ground began to glow, the air thickened around us and an electric tension filled the room, raising the hairs on my arms. 

My vision went cloudy and I shook my head, trying to clear my senses. The light in the room dimmed and heat radiated from the center as her voice droned on. I stole a glance at Nick, then shifted to Joy. Their eyes were closed, faces serious, and sweat dampened their brows. They look strangely alike, I pondered.

With a flash of crimson light, the room spun and cavorted around me. My fingers dug into Nick and Joy as I fought for my balance. Their hands clawed into me and we focused together, fighting the strain.

“Lucinazhilechiel! Bethestrazethila!” Joy screamed the names with the strength of our combined will. “I summon you!”

Then with a rush of hot air, they were before us. Two demon girls, tall and sensual, with full breasts and creamy red-tinged skin. On their heads, tiny nubs of horn peeked through luxurious waves of crimson hair. Two sets of smooth thighs tapered to perfectly toned calves, but at the end of their long legs were large cloven hooves--pedicured and painted a deep metallic red.

They were identical except for their eyes, one pair gold-flecked and the other violet, both watching us with wicked intensity.

And jutting out from both crotches were massive cocks, erect and waiting. A bemused smile played on my lips. Well, that was unexpected.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Frat Boys on Sale

Frat Boy's First Lust is going 99 cents and the Frat Boy's First Gay Sex Bundle is going to $4.99.  Amazon and B&N will go on sale in a couple days.  AmazonB&NSmashwords, ARe, and Rainbow *ALL* reflect the sale price.

Get them while they're hot!

Riding the Sea Bitch (Erotic Pirate Tales: #2)

Riding the Sea Bitch (Erotic Pirate Tales: #2) is now live on Amazon, B&NARe, and Smashwords.  Amazon took longer than expected.  B&N should hopefully be live by tomorrow.

Captain Anne Hitchcock is arrested on false charges. She tries to find answers by seducing her jailor. Meanwhile, her queer crew get hot and sweaty as they look for a way to free her. Will her old fling marry her with a literal ball and chain or will the eccentric yet kinky pirate, Captain “Long” Peck come to her aid?

Warning: This explicit 10,500 word story is intended for adults only. Contains debauchery, a domineering female captain, her cocky gay first-mate, a charming bisexual pirate, a transgender pirate, explicit sex, oral sex, anal sex, two hot threesomes, double penetration, and the return of the peg-leg strap-on!


Anne nodded and stepped into the spacious room. It was larger than it looked from the outside, with purple velvet curtains, bright Persian rugs, and exquisite artwork along the walls. She examined one, an older painting with two men engaged in a lewd act. The one next to it had a beautiful woman, naked, and lounging in an ornate chair.

“Ah, if only I could steal an artist to paint you,” Peck said wistfully as he stood by her side. “Alas I can only imagine I possess such a magnificent piece.” Then he headed for the door.

“Where are you going?” Anne asked, feeling a little uneasy about being by herself. Her emotions were still raw about losing her livelihood, and she wished for friendly company.

Peck glanced back with a surprised look. “I didn’t want to impose and thought you’d prefer to be alone. I have plenty of other rooms that I can sleep in.”

Anne swaggered over to the pirate and put her arms around his neck. “Sleep with me, Richard,” she whispered into his ear. 

He hesitated at first, then his hand pressed against her back. “Anne.” He breathed her name. “Of course.”

Gently he urged her to the bed as she loosened his leather jerkin. Her hands explored his muscled pecs and shoulders while pushing his shirt open. Peck deftly unbuttoned her blouse and he slipped his arms around her naked waist, pulling her bare chest against his. His lips found hers and she kissed him furiously. Their tongues dueled, fighting to invade the other’s mouth.

Anne broke away to lay back on the crisp, silky sheets. Peck wrestled her boots off and yanked at her trousers. At one time she would have dominated Peck, taking command of their love-making session. But as she pulled her nude legs back to shield herself, she felt weak, exposed in front of the pirate.

Peck unbuckled his belt and smiled at her. “I am at your disposal, captain.” 

Dropping his trousers, he leaned over her and kissed her forehead, his arms curling around her shoulders, his hands cupping the back of her neck. “There is no pressure. I only want to serve you, comfort you, through this hard time.”

She nodded and gripped him across his back, nestling her head against his. Her legs relaxed around his body, rubbing naked skin to skin. His cock hardened along her crotch but he didn’t advance. Mewling into his ear she pressed her pussy lips to his rod, feeling her wetness on his length.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Pirates soon!

I'm aiming to publish tomorrow night for a Wednesday release.  Here's a teaser:

Also, I redesigned the original to match:

The Demon Sisters will have a slight delay because it's my birthday and I'm on call for my *ahem* day job.  I apologize!  This story should be ready to publish before the weekend.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pirates and Demons, Oh My!

Rough draft for pirate sequel is done at just over 10k words.  Editing will take time but I will try to get it done as quickly as I can while preserving quality.  It'll have 5 sex scenes, last of which is long and tender while maintaining its raunchiness (think dp action).  Swashbuckling in a bar, a sea battle, and of course, the famous peg-leg strap-on returns in this story. Working title: Riding The Sea Bitch

Rough draft for demon sequel is almost done with just the last part of the final sex scene to be crafted.  This will also go into editing asap.  Over 8k words now, it will probably be close to 9k at the finish.  2 sex scenes but last one is a monster, with a 5 person orgy involving two domineering women, hermaphroditic twin-cest demon girls, and one, poor man.  Lots of demon oral, fisting, pegging, anal, and an explosive ending. Working title: The Demon Sisters

I would love to get one of these publishing by tomorrow night but Tuesday night might be more realistic.

Friday, June 1, 2012

A Slight Delay, But Wait! Pirates.

So I had a little delay in getting a story out this weekend because I took last weekend off.  But the good news is I'm almost done writing Demon Sisters and I've also slipped another story to the head of the line.  I'll be shooting the next pirate story out as soon as possible.  It's going to be a long short story (between 6-10k), have 5 sex scenes (3 short, 2 long), swashbuckling in a bar, and a dramatic sea battle near the end.  I'm 3k words in and already on 3rd sex part.

I'm hoping to have both stories ready for editing for the weekend and try to pub them both early next week.