Thursday, May 17, 2012

Third Wolfman Finished, Now Editing

Sorry about the delay!

The third Wolfman, Swinging with the Wolfman, turned into a larger, wilder beast then I had planned.  I just finished it and the count, before editing, is 9300 words.  With edits, there will be more added to smooth it out.  I just hope it doesn't top 10k.  I'm not ready to jump into that category of short stories... yet.

On the plus side, the story will have three sex scenes, the last of which is a sizzling series of sex leading up to a foursome with two couples (mfmf).  There's some action in this one, unlike the previous two, and majority of the story is out in the woods.

I will do my best to get this publishing tonight so it goes live tomorrow (Friday) but it's going to be a stretch. I wouldn't want to rush on quality.

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