Sunday, May 13, 2012

Taming Red Wolf (Werewolf Menage Erotica)

Taming Red Wolf (Werewolf Menage Erotica)
Live on Amazon, B&NARe, Rainbowebooks, and Smashwords.  B&N should be live tomorrow.

Ryan is a young college guy, and he's a bit naive for a werewolf. He didn't understand the strength of his animal nature until he met Amber, the girl of his dreams. And he didn't know his limits until he fell into the clutches of her jealous pack-mate, the man of his nightmares. Will the rest of her pack come to his aid? Will he embrace the beast within him?

Warning: this 9000 word story is intended for adults only. Contains romance between young bisexual werewolves (m/f), explicit sex, bdsm, bondage, a fierce beating, rough anal sex (m/m), a hot werewolf foursome (mmff), and howling climaxes!


The moon waxed under my skin as I followed her scent into the dim light of the club. My change was still two days off, but I could sense its immediacy in my blood. She was hot, and I knew she was into me; just like she'd been last week, when a chance encounter in the college park had turned into pure bestial lust back in my dorm room.

She smelled like summer and warm meadows, like rolling in fresh-cut grass and burying my muzzle in wildflowers. Her scent was bright and clean, and it invaded my senses. I’d never met another werewolf before, let alone a female, and her velvet skin set me on fire before I even touched her.

She’d captured my gaze with her startling golden eyes as she sniffed at the air between us. So I knew the feeling was mutual. She wore designer jeans and a tight little t-shirt over her lithe body. Her dark hair framed delicate features and lush lips. The animal inside me wanted her like nothing else in the world. 

We drew together like a force of nature, both powerless to resist. I caught her in a long embrace, like an old friend, though I didn’t even know her name. Then I pressed my lips to her neck and nuzzled into her hair.

Her lip curled, showing her teeth behind a feral smile. She could tell I was hard, and I smelled her wetness. I swayed, barely daring to breathe, afraid that I might lose myself in her scent.

“I’m Amber,” she said in a breezy voice. “And I want you to fuck me.”

I don’t remember how we got back to my dorm, but what happened inside is perfectly clear. I'd ripped her shirt as she clawed my pants down my ass. I pinched her nipples and twisted. She landed a sharp kick to my shin, catching me by surprise, and dropping me to the floor.

“You think you can handle me, wolf boy,” She stood over me with her hands on her hips.

I rose to my haunches. “Try and stop me, wolf girl.” 

Then I sprang forward, knocking her down on my tiny bed.

Her hands clawed my skin, but I forced her arm down. I bent her beneath me, pressing against her from behind. She’d snarled at me, but raised her ass to my hips. My cock entered her wet pussy, impaling her with my hunger. We rocked together like that as my roommate opened the door.

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