Monday, May 21, 2012

In the Works

Currently working on several stories:
  • Sequel to The Devil's Taint:  Long overdue, this story will pick up with Casey and Nick, looking for answers as to why the sex-magic failed.  They stay at a hotel as they travel to their next lead and things heat up as they really get to know each other (mutual masturbation, rough sex).  However, they have no idea what they are getting into when they try another summoning and get double the trouble (orgy). (The Devil's Taint will also get a minor overhaul) Working title: Demon Sisters
  • 3rd sequel to Married to the Wolfman, #4 and last in the Wolfman series:  Lacey finds Mark and Jer have run off to rescue Cole.  Rebecca finds they have a traitor and rallies the pack to go help.  Cole is saved by a dominant shifter who has a grizzly secret (light bdsm, rough sex) and the two discover The Hunt has captured the pack.  Working title: Unleash the Wolfman.
  • Sequel to Cowgirl's Rough Ride:  Jane finds herself alone and broke in a small, quiet town.  After days with no word from Bill, she falls for a young rich cowboy who explores her rough side (light bdsm, rough sex).  Meanwhile, Bill escapes from jail after being setup by some old enemies.  He finds Jane in a compromising positing and things escalate.  After causing a scene (shoot-out in a bar) they're on the run again, with the sheriff hot on their heels.  Working title: Bad Moon Rising
The next Cowgirl's Rough Ride is my main priority and I'll be working my butt-off to get it out as soon as I can.  

But I also have long term project I'll be spending time on.  It's a romance/coming-out story between a young college man, collared by his overbearing parents, and a bad boy who isn't exactly a good role model.  Funded by his rich parent's money, the bad boy manages to get the two into some crazy trouble, all in the pursuit of love.  Working title: Bad Influence.

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