Friday, May 25, 2012

Cowgirl's Rough Ride: Bad Moon Rising

Cowgirl's Rough Ride: Bad Moon Rising is now live at Amazon, B&NARe, and Smashwords.  As usual, B&N will take another day or so. *UPDATE* Barne's & Noble screwed up the pub for this title by listing as another edition of Cowgirl's Rough Ride instead of a separate book.  This has never happened before and I apologize. I have no idea how long because they tend to take several days to respond and then several days to fix.
*All live now!  I fixed it by republishing and it went up right away for once.*

Bill has disappeared and Jane is stranded in a dusty backwater town. Even worse, the law has a keen eye on her. Bored and anxious, she has a drink with a good looking young man, and things get out of hand. What will Bill do when he finds out?

Warning: This explicit 6000 word story is intended for adults only. Contains a tough gunslinging heroine, saloon drinking, a show stopping gunfight, explicit sex, oral sex, rough anal sex, bondage, spanking, and an explosive romp in the woods with the meanest bounty hunter in the west.


Here was a young man her age, with wealth and courtesy. And he had picked her, not the other way around. She liked being wanted and recently she felt more like a bother to Bill. 

But something in her conscience made her uneasy. She was sure Bill wouldn’t be angry if she had a little fun but she didn’t want to hurt him. He rarely showed his emotions but when he did, it was subtle, like the pained look in his eyes when she yelled at him.

“I like the open plains, the wild,” she finally managed to reply. “And my freedom. With just my horse and my gun, the road is my home.”

“That is certainly romantic and fascinating.” Then concern creased his forehead. “But this is not an easy life for a woman. How do you deal with it?”

A spark of anger flared in her eyes. She leaned in close to him. “Maybe I like it rough.” Her whisper sizzled off her lips and his face flushed. “Unlike some folk.” She grinned.

“Oh, do you?” He laughed, hiding his surprise. “Do you think I’m rough?”

“Maybe.” She smirked back at him. “Let’s go see.” 

Suddenly realizing her intentions, Tom looked out the door. “I didn’t buy a--”

“Upstairs?” She offered. “I know the owner.” She winked at Gus, who pretended not to listen as he poured for customers down the bar. Without looking up, he shook his head as he snatched the expensive bottle of whiskey back from them.

She led Tom up the steps and into the room she’d been sharing with Bill. As he passed the threshold, she closed the door and turned, holding the door knob behind her back.

“Tie me up, cowboy.” A devilish grin played on her face.

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