Friday, May 25, 2012

Cowgirl's Rough Ride: Bad Moon Rising

Cowgirl's Rough Ride: Bad Moon Rising is now live at Amazon, B&NARe, and Smashwords.  As usual, B&N will take another day or so. *UPDATE* Barne's & Noble screwed up the pub for this title by listing as another edition of Cowgirl's Rough Ride instead of a separate book.  This has never happened before and I apologize. I have no idea how long because they tend to take several days to respond and then several days to fix.
*All live now!  I fixed it by republishing and it went up right away for once.*

Bill has disappeared and Jane is stranded in a dusty backwater town. Even worse, the law has a keen eye on her. Bored and anxious, she has a drink with a good looking young man, and things get out of hand. What will Bill do when he finds out?

Warning: This explicit 6000 word story is intended for adults only. Contains a tough gunslinging heroine, saloon drinking, a show stopping gunfight, explicit sex, oral sex, rough anal sex, bondage, spanking, and an explosive romp in the woods with the meanest bounty hunter in the west.


Here was a young man her age, with wealth and courtesy. And he had picked her, not the other way around. She liked being wanted and recently she felt more like a bother to Bill. 

But something in her conscience made her uneasy. She was sure Bill wouldn’t be angry if she had a little fun but she didn’t want to hurt him. He rarely showed his emotions but when he did, it was subtle, like the pained look in his eyes when she yelled at him.

“I like the open plains, the wild,” she finally managed to reply. “And my freedom. With just my horse and my gun, the road is my home.”

“That is certainly romantic and fascinating.” Then concern creased his forehead. “But this is not an easy life for a woman. How do you deal with it?”

A spark of anger flared in her eyes. She leaned in close to him. “Maybe I like it rough.” Her whisper sizzled off her lips and his face flushed. “Unlike some folk.” She grinned.

“Oh, do you?” He laughed, hiding his surprise. “Do you think I’m rough?”

“Maybe.” She smirked back at him. “Let’s go see.” 

Suddenly realizing her intentions, Tom looked out the door. “I didn’t buy a--”

“Upstairs?” She offered. “I know the owner.” She winked at Gus, who pretended not to listen as he poured for customers down the bar. Without looking up, he shook his head as he snatched the expensive bottle of whiskey back from them.

She led Tom up the steps and into the room she’d been sharing with Bill. As he passed the threshold, she closed the door and turned, holding the door knob behind her back.

“Tie me up, cowboy.” A devilish grin played on her face.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Next Cowgirl Publishing Tonight

The next Cowgirl is going into processing tonight and should be live sometime (hopefully early) tomorrow.

Once again, here's a teaser AND the revised cover of the original that should be up by this weekend:

Monday, May 21, 2012

In the Works

Currently working on several stories:
  • Sequel to The Devil's Taint:  Long overdue, this story will pick up with Casey and Nick, looking for answers as to why the sex-magic failed.  They stay at a hotel as they travel to their next lead and things heat up as they really get to know each other (mutual masturbation, rough sex).  However, they have no idea what they are getting into when they try another summoning and get double the trouble (orgy). (The Devil's Taint will also get a minor overhaul) Working title: Demon Sisters
  • 3rd sequel to Married to the Wolfman, #4 and last in the Wolfman series:  Lacey finds Mark and Jer have run off to rescue Cole.  Rebecca finds they have a traitor and rallies the pack to go help.  Cole is saved by a dominant shifter who has a grizzly secret (light bdsm, rough sex) and the two discover The Hunt has captured the pack.  Working title: Unleash the Wolfman.
  • Sequel to Cowgirl's Rough Ride:  Jane finds herself alone and broke in a small, quiet town.  After days with no word from Bill, she falls for a young rich cowboy who explores her rough side (light bdsm, rough sex).  Meanwhile, Bill escapes from jail after being setup by some old enemies.  He finds Jane in a compromising positing and things escalate.  After causing a scene (shoot-out in a bar) they're on the run again, with the sheriff hot on their heels.  Working title: Bad Moon Rising
The next Cowgirl's Rough Ride is my main priority and I'll be working my butt-off to get it out as soon as I can.  

But I also have long term project I'll be spending time on.  It's a romance/coming-out story between a young college man, collared by his overbearing parents, and a bad boy who isn't exactly a good role model.  Funded by his rich parent's money, the bad boy manages to get the two into some crazy trouble, all in the pursuit of love.  Working title: Bad Influence.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Swinging With The Wolfman (Werewolf Erotic Romance: #3)

Swinging with the Wolfman (WER3) *LIVE* on Amazon, B&NSmashwords and ARe.  Soon to be up on Smashwords.  B&N will take another day.

Swinging with the Wolfman (Werewolf Erotic Romance: #3)
by Julianne Reyer

Lacey discovers the secrets of a hidden werewolf enclave in the nearby woods, but they have dangerous enemies. Now she’s been separated from her loving husband, Mark and her new mate, Cole. Will they be reunited before it’s too late?

Warning: This naughty 9500 word story is intended for adults only. Contains loving werewolves sharing their wild sides, explicit sex, magic, adventure, and a werewolf foursome (mfmf) you won’t forget!

The vapors cleared and a nude man appeared, sitting on the ground. Mark dashed around the perimeter for a better look. His hand gripped a tree as he realized it was Jeremiah: legs crossed, hands on his knees, eyes shut.

The man’s face was smooth serenity and an aura of dusky green surrounded him. His head tilted down and his body slowly rose into the air. Mark gasped, his mind rejecting what he saw.

Swirling mist cleared in front of the leader and Rebecca strode to her mate. As she entered the circle, her scarlet hair lifted off her shoulders, floating like she walked through water. The glow intensified where her feet touched, lighting the the backs of her legs. 

Unrestrained, Mark’s arousal stiffened as his eyes locked on the soft cheeks of her rear. A hazy drunkenness settled on him and he hungered for her. Fighting the strange impulse, he ripped his attention away, forcing his gaze to his wife. 

She, too, had the look as she watched; her lusty eyes focused on the couple. Desire hung from her parted lips.

Mark shook his head and swallowed, trying to drown the tantalizing sensation. But his eyes returned, the urge overpowering him.

Rebecca cupped her hand on Jeremiah’s knee and looked up at him with passion. His throat and chin gleamed from the intense column of light streaming up from the mist covered ground. Billowing like fire, her hair flitted above her head. She looked angelic, standing before him, her skin glowing with a subtle brilliance.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Better Late Then Never

Publishing Tonight:  Swinging with the Wolfman

It should be live late tonight or tomorrow morning for Amazon, Smashwords, and ARe.  B&N has been taking about 24-36 hours to process (curse them!).

Here's a teaser cover:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Third Wolfman Finished, Now Editing

Sorry about the delay!

The third Wolfman, Swinging with the Wolfman, turned into a larger, wilder beast then I had planned.  I just finished it and the count, before editing, is 9300 words.  With edits, there will be more added to smooth it out.  I just hope it doesn't top 10k.  I'm not ready to jump into that category of short stories... yet.

On the plus side, the story will have three sex scenes, the last of which is a sizzling series of sex leading up to a foursome with two couples (mfmf).  There's some action in this one, unlike the previous two, and majority of the story is out in the woods.

I will do my best to get this publishing tonight so it goes live tomorrow (Friday) but it's going to be a stretch. I wouldn't want to rush on quality.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Frat Boy's First Gay Sex Bundle (Gay Erotic Fraternity Tales)

Frat Boy's First Gay Sex Bundle 
(Gay Erotic Fraternity Tales)

Live on Amazon, B&NARe, Smashwords, and Rainbowebooksand should be live on B&N in a day or so.

Collected here for your frat boy fantasy, the saga of Rick and Tony's crazy fraternity sex antics. Contains the following gay erotica stories: Frat Boy's First Lust (GEFT #1), Frat Boy's First Orgy (GEFT #2), Frat Boy's First Gangbang (GEFT #3)

I completely re-edited Frat Boy's First Lust and re-worked parts of it.  It should be a much smoother, hotter read now.  Re-edited Frat Boy's First Orgy as well with a few minor changes to the story.  Revised versions have been uploaded to the individual published stories.  If you have these stories, check for the updates in a day or so (time for review on B&N and Amazon).  Enjoy.

Taming Red Wolf (Werewolf Menage Erotica)

Taming Red Wolf (Werewolf Menage Erotica)
Live on Amazon, B&NARe, Rainbowebooks, and Smashwords.  B&N should be live tomorrow.

Ryan is a young college guy, and he's a bit naive for a werewolf. He didn't understand the strength of his animal nature until he met Amber, the girl of his dreams. And he didn't know his limits until he fell into the clutches of her jealous pack-mate, the man of his nightmares. Will the rest of her pack come to his aid? Will he embrace the beast within him?

Warning: this 9000 word story is intended for adults only. Contains romance between young bisexual werewolves (m/f), explicit sex, bdsm, bondage, a fierce beating, rough anal sex (m/m), a hot werewolf foursome (mmff), and howling climaxes!


The moon waxed under my skin as I followed her scent into the dim light of the club. My change was still two days off, but I could sense its immediacy in my blood. She was hot, and I knew she was into me; just like she'd been last week, when a chance encounter in the college park had turned into pure bestial lust back in my dorm room.

She smelled like summer and warm meadows, like rolling in fresh-cut grass and burying my muzzle in wildflowers. Her scent was bright and clean, and it invaded my senses. I’d never met another werewolf before, let alone a female, and her velvet skin set me on fire before I even touched her.

She’d captured my gaze with her startling golden eyes as she sniffed at the air between us. So I knew the feeling was mutual. She wore designer jeans and a tight little t-shirt over her lithe body. Her dark hair framed delicate features and lush lips. The animal inside me wanted her like nothing else in the world. 

We drew together like a force of nature, both powerless to resist. I caught her in a long embrace, like an old friend, though I didn’t even know her name. Then I pressed my lips to her neck and nuzzled into her hair.

Her lip curled, showing her teeth behind a feral smile. She could tell I was hard, and I smelled her wetness. I swayed, barely daring to breathe, afraid that I might lose myself in her scent.

“I’m Amber,” she said in a breezy voice. “And I want you to fuck me.”

I don’t remember how we got back to my dorm, but what happened inside is perfectly clear. I'd ripped her shirt as she clawed my pants down my ass. I pinched her nipples and twisted. She landed a sharp kick to my shin, catching me by surprise, and dropping me to the floor.

“You think you can handle me, wolf boy,” She stood over me with her hands on her hips.

I rose to my haunches. “Try and stop me, wolf girl.” 

Then I sprang forward, knocking her down on my tiny bed.

Her hands clawed my skin, but I forced her arm down. I bent her beneath me, pressing against her from behind. She’d snarled at me, but raised her ass to my hips. My cock entered her wet pussy, impaling her with my hunger. We rocked together like that as my roommate opened the door.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Publishing Soon

Frat Boy's First Gay Sex Bundle and Taming Red Wolf are in the final stages before publishing.  Here's some teaser covers:

Swinging with the Wolfman (Werewolf Erotic Romance: #3) is still being written but should be ready for editing  by the weekend.