Sunday, April 29, 2012

Taking His Booty (Erotic Pirate Tales: #1)

Taking His Booty is now live on Amazon and Smashwords.  ARe will be next and B&N whenever they finish processing.  *Live on all sites now*

Captain Anne Hitchcock is a privateer looking for her next big score. Word has it that some gems were stolen by a pirate, Captain Richard "Long" Peck. She wants his booty, in more ways than one. Will her rag-tag crew of queer sailors be able to catch him?

Warning: This explicit 9000 word story is intended for adults only. Contains a domineering female captain, her cocky gay first-mate, a charming bisexual pirate, pistol dueling, sea battles, sword fighting, and a sexy threesome that just might shock you!


Tracking her eyepiece up, she focused on the rail above the stern. About a dozen pirates stood with their backs turned, trousers around their ankles. Some made crude hand gestures while others bent over to give her a better view of their balls. Anne ground her teeth, her blood boiling with frustration; she needed those jewels.

Her fingers clenched around handfuls of her white jerkin and she flexed her arms, pulling the shirt open. Cloth ripped and buttons popped into the water as she exposed her breasts to the winds. Slapping her chest, she roared, “You want ‘em, come get ‘em, you cowards!”

The ripped shirt billowed behind her as she barked over her shoulder. “Crow!”

“Yes, Captain.” Crow stepped up with his long musket. His long straight hair ran jet-black down his bare chest, where swirl-like tattoos covered his olive skin. 

“You think you can hit them?” She asked.

“It’s a long shot.” He squinted at the pirate ship, his wide brim leather hat shielding most of the glare from the sun. “But the wind’s in our favor. It might make it.”

Anne looked back through the telescope as Crow set up; he lay on the deck, his musket braced over the rail, taking careful aim. The bang sang across the water, and she watched as wood exploded in between the feet of a pirate. She smiled as they hastily pulled up their pants and jumped back onto the deck.

“Captain!” John shouted from middeck.

She looked back to see him pointing at the horizon. Following his direction, she scanned for what he had spotted. Through the eyepiece, she passed a shape, and tracked back to it. Another ship, larger and moving fast. Counting the masts she guessed it was a frigate. 

She hoped it was another privateer or the Royal Navy. If it were one of Long’s ships, they were in serious trouble.

“It’s the Savage! I can tell from the mainsail!” John shouted.

“James,” she whispered. Her fury had faded and she regretted her earlier words. But Goodrick’s arrival could be a blessing and a curse. They weren’t going to catch Long without help but she hated sharing her booty.

Well, she thought, this will be interesting.


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