Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cowgirl's Rough Ride (Western Erotic Tales #1)

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Jane was a poor farm girl who was never content with farming. She almost lost her last hope when she was attacked by a band of marauding outlaws. Fortunately, she was rescued by Brutal Bill, a legend in these parts and the man of her dreams. But she quickly discovers that Bill harbors a dark side; he’s a stone-cold bounty hunter who hasn’t loved much of anything in a long time. Will she be able to melt his black heart?

Warning: This explicit 4200 word story is intended for adults only. Contains a tough farm girl who knows how to shoot, outlaws, gun fights, horse chase, spanking, rough anal sex, and the meanest bountyhunter in the west!


A shadow passed in front of the doorway. Even with the sun in her eyes, she could make out a man with a dust cloth wrapped around his face, a gun in his hand; death was in his eyes. She’d missed one of the outlaws in the chaos. 

Before she could scream, her arm flew up and her gun fired. 

Heart pounding, she opened her eyes and saw Bill halfway to standing, his other gun in his hand. The doorway was empty except for dust and gun smoke swirling in the rays of light. 

“Well, now,” Bill said bemused, holstering his gun. “The little girl can shoot. I just might have to keep ya.”

She breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. The room swayed, the adrenaline and excitement making her feel drunk. 

He retrieved his gun from her and grabbed her arm, yanking her to her feet. She desperately held the tattered remnants of her dress to her chest, trying to be modest.

“What do they call you?” He asked as he rifled through the belongings of the dead men.

“Jane,” she replied meekly. 

Bill’s gravelly laugh sounded like years of tobacco and whiskey. “Tricky Jane’s what I’m gonna call you. I don’t think this sonofabitch ever thought you’d kill him.”

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